Friday, January 4, 2008

Swear it happened

I had this friend in college. When she laughed, her face would become all red. It was so lovely, the reddish tinge on the brown skin. I observed it with a speck(yeah, just that not more) of admiration every single time.

After my landing at the U.S of A soil, out of the blue , my face started becoming red. That is, when I got angry or was exhausted from sports or just laughed. Every one noticed. I looked at the mirror. It wasn't beautiful or anything but it was red.

A couple of years later, a friend commented that I was blushing due to him. Annoyed as I was actually exhausted from the TT game plus I can't blush, decided the reddening was not fun anymore. Besides, my face already mirrors my feeling(of anger) enough, I could do away with the extra-effect in terms of color. I wished it went away..

And the face no longer becomes red in the aforementioned circumstances.

I swear this happened!

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