Saturday, May 24, 2008

Universe is conspiring

Thursday morning, I had it all planned. I would finish my work that is due friday so that I can be done peacefully what with long weekend, vacation and all. Or so I thought.

At some point while doing the work, I needed to discuss a few things couple of my colleagues, they weren't there. When I came back, the comp. started acting up. It would be extremely slow. And I hate rebooting. To re-open all the windows I have open and all that mess.

I couldn't catch hold of the colleagues the whole day and the computer was acting up at different points. I know if I decided to take it to the I.T, it would act all fine. At the end of the day, I finally decided to reboot.

Wierdest thing was, I pressed the up button in the office elevator, got into the door that opened, only to see the door wouldn't close. I got out of the elevator, pressed the up button again, the same elevator would be selected and I would get in, but the door wouldn't just close.

I got out of the elevator, waited for couple of minutes, what do you know, the door would close now!

Atleast now a different elevator could be selected.

I should have taken that as a sign. But I am me, you can through thousand signs and cues on my way, I would lay submerged in my lala land.

After this long day of fatigue and no progress, I decided I needed to treat myself to a movie. Rented out one of the latest releases from blockbuster. The DVD got stuck every 3rd scene.
DVD was released hardly couple of weeks ago.

Yeah, I know I could exchange it but by then I had realized universe is conspiring against me.
It is like one of those bad printing incident days, you could stand there and invoke all gods, but the printer would jam. My mom never taught me the printer dosham nivarna sloka.

So with this profound realization, I went to sleep with a smile.

Work never got done on friday either. I was travelling to LA this weekend to visit my brother.

At the nick of the time, brother called, "Anga weather epdi?".
"It was all 90s last week but this week has been cloudy."
"Oh engayam adpithan".
I was like "Oh, ok", with a tune that suggested, "Fine, whatever dude, I need to finish my last minute packing the last minute and leave."

Flight was wee bit delayed. I was told all the flights were being delayed. Somebody was talking about a storm somewhere. I enjoyed the experience of watching the rain up above the sky. Rain dashing against the aircraft wings was nice to watch.

And then I landed. It was raining in LA. It never rains in LA. My brother says he is not used to driving in the rain, because you know what?, this is LA. And LA is hot, always hot. But don't worry the sun shines right back on tuesday.

In the style of kupra vizhanthalam, meesai la mann otatha, I have decided to sit back and smile.


  1. is one of those days, when nothing works in our favor. Only consolation is that it happens to everybody..have you seen the movie "Just my luck"? In that movie Lindsay's luck would get switched with a another person and in her entire day nothing would work in her favor. I got reminded of that movie when I read your post...Probably we have these days because God wants us to appreciate the other good things that keep happening to us :-)??..I don't know..
    anyways...good post.

  2. Well written post on the day that turned out to be negative in every possible way, I guess some days are destined to be like that. But, atleast amidst all that you got to go to LA- that was good, cos half way while reading the post, I thought that you didn't make it to LA.

  3. Na_an,
    I didn't feel the day was sad, just bad(err..rhyme). With age, such days just amuse me. I guess the knowledge, it will pass, makes it easier.

    I ought to catch the movie, I don't want to miss any good chick flick :)

    Oh my god, that would have been truly sad!