Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rat race

" If you leave her in a desert with nobody around(no competition around), she wouldn't survive. She wouldn't learn anything."
-S, my roommate on another roommate fews years ago.

I believe it’s just a psychological phenomenon. It doesn’t actually exist. If my potential is going to be judged only with respect to what the next person is capable of, I could be mediocre all my life....."
-T.M Krishna about competition in his interview.

A blogger remarks on reaching 30, how except for the occasional agony moments, one makes peace with their pace in the competition. You realize the compromises others make in order to reach where they are. They are happy making those compromises and you are happy not making them.

Living life, career and learning to ignore the competition.


  1. Probably you can have it all...:-), family and fun!! my wishes :-)...Also I have tagged you...hope its ok!

  2. na_an: if i can... wwould i be cribbing?:)