Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Restaurant report 4- 3TA

First the good things, we order Somasas, corn fritters and Roti for appetizers. Somasas were of the crispier, triangular variety(my favorite) as opposed to the regular cone ones. The Potato stuffing in somasa so reminded me of the Masala dosa stuffing, Corn Fritters were a novelty and Rotis were good.

On the entree side, we ordered Yellow curry with roasted vegetables and Pad thai. I forgot to taste the Pad thai.

Roasted vegetables - what can I say? It was all JA's fault. JA was busy describing some one he saw on T.V who resembled cheppakizhangu. And my taste buds got triggered with Cheppakizhangu roast. Roast as we all know in Tamil household means deep fried. I am aware of the term in the American context - few charred lines on the vegetables. But with nostalgia triggered, I ordered the roasted. The other option was boiled. It wouldn't have made a difference, you will realize soon.

Now on to the cribs.
Who brushes/pours oil on top of a deep-fried Somasa? If that wasn't the case and the oil was just the remnant one from deep-fry procedure, which good restaurant does that?
I don't know of anyway to find a bad peanut before biting one, so I would forgive the peanut sauce though as just one of case. Same with corn fritters we ordered. I found it wee bit lacking in spices, but C2s(DB,DG) loved it.

DG normally is very Calorie/Fat conscious and prefers the springs rolls made with rice wraps over the deep fried one. Salad is her most definite choice in all the places we go. So imagine my surprise, when she says the oily samosas were fine as the they were tasty. Being a foodie myself, I follow that argument to the T. Key being the food has to be tasty.

We were 5 and this automatically ensured a 18% tip. Is that why the waitress wouldn't fill even our water glasses? She did it when we asked for it though.

What pissed us the most was the serving dish. The curry was served on a plate. A flate plate. Not a bowl. I have thought of it from all angles, it just wouldn't work. There is a reason why rice is served before Sambar/Rasam. Imagine being asked to add rice on to to flat plate of sambar!

Little thought about the fusion word, I would have avoided the place altogether. If I can eat authentic Indian, Thai and have places that offer authentic Indian, Thai and I can eat them, why go for Fusion. Hybrid is for those hi-fi people.

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