Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yodha - A R Rahman

Oh well, I came across this movie while browsing through you tube. what? you dont' do that? you don't spend some of your time reminiscing old songs through you tube? must just be me then.

Anyway, Yodha caught my attention because some one screamed it was the first movie Rahman composed music for. Ofcourse, I went back screaming, Roja, Roja was the first. The screaming back was only in my head though. Then, may be Yodha was the dubbed version of Roja. Nope, that isn't true either. Maybe Maniratnam signed Rahman first? I don't know.
But whatever stars aligned that day to make Maniratnam meet Rahman, I am going to thank them.
Watch/Listen at your own risk.

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