Saturday, April 5, 2008

Restaurant report -3

Taverna Bistro

S and I, landed in Sunnyvale downtown with a choice of Thai Basil/Dish-Dash. Dish-dash - yeah, right, as if I am going to get in there without the wait, even if it is only for lunch. For some reason, I remember Thai Basil as a place, I have to save a friend from. Unfortunately, sunnyvale downtown has quite a few of these.

S, then came up with a tried alternative. She had been to Taverna just the previous week. Taverna, serves mediterean food. Not the same kind as dish-dash whose M'shakaleh(how does one pronounce these names, thank god I am just typing) I am never going to get tired of, this is still quite good.

Polite and Fast service, great ambience(on the posh side) - I can't see anyone complaining on these regards.

We ordered Veggie Mousakka and Falafel Plate. These come with Rice, Brown Rice. For the first time in my life, brown rice tasted good. It could be because it was probably ghee rice. Still, Ghee Brown rice should still be healthier than Ghee white rice, right? On the falafels, I have had better(the one in steven creeks?) but this was good. Mousaka was delicious. I relished every layer except for the top, which kind of tasted cheesy, kind of wierd as the description doesn't say cheese. The entrees are usually served with rice, steamed vegetable and can easily serve two.

Overall, If you are ever in a similar situation faced with the alarming wait time at Dish-dash, you can easily take a stop here.

* More than half of my friends have names starting with S!


  1. Nice! Not that am from the bay area but love your way of writing. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. I love Dish-Dash, and have you tried Cafe Baklava on Castro? Limited veggie options, but awesome food. I have not been to Taverna, but will definitely stop by now. Came here from Laksh' musings - you have a good blog here.

  3. Laksh,
    Thanks. I like your style of writing and the presentation of your blog.
    Thanks for the comment. I have never tried Cafe Baklava, the menu does look appetizing and affordable, should try out some other time. With all the gorgeous food you cook, do you still eat out?

  4. Taverna Bistro has always been on my list of omissions when we goto Sunnyvale downtows, due to Dish-Dash, but will surely try it sometime.

  5. :) I do love eating out - inspires me to cook new dishes in my kitchen.