Friday, April 18, 2008

People talk about Blank Noise all the time but more terms of the past. What does one do if it happens at present?

U.S was a paradise in this aspect, till now.

There is a loosu in the third floor who keeps staring at me as I walk in the parking lot, either to my car or to my house. The first time I noticed it, i did not think too much, second time, i stared back, at which point, he moved from his window but still looking at me, i could still spot him ..

Creeps, Jeez Man, Sore loser, get a life!!!
Today, I thought I will stare at him and make him go away. but ...Disgusting Creep.

God, why would I keep attracting such creeps? World would have number of charming people as well, right? how about sending some of them my way?

Have had more than enough of this craps for 100 more janmams to come.

I mentioned it to D last week, she laughed it off. Today's incident, err.. I am now forced to put my head down and walk. D also reacted similarly when i mentioned the another horrible creep 10 years ago.

Planning to complain about him and at the same time, not let these creeps affect me.

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  1. Hmm...the best way to tackle these kind of creeps is to completely ignore them, no matter what the staring etc. Try it for sometime and see if it works! If that doesn't work, then how about confronting the person?