Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Now, I know my roots as well, Mr. Haley

After reading "Roots" by Alex Haley, I was moved by the story. I wanted to know the history of ancestors as well. I asked my dad about it. He said that we had moved from Mysore to some village near pondicherry to teach sanskrit 200 odd years ago. The problem is, my mother tongue is telugu. I described the story to one of my friend V. V was like, so you are saying, somewhere before the 200 years ago, you guys, shifted from somewhere to Mysore, in all probability to teach how to light a fire!

I also found out how some people note down their ancestry names in bible and all.
Me: What's your grandfather's name?
Dad: Krishna Iyer
Me: His father's name?
Dad: Venkata subbu Iyer.
Me: and his?
Dad: Krishna Iyer, before that venkata subbu Iyer - I realized recursive programming was invented long way back. I put the pen down. I was assured by this extrapolation, the names of all the ancestors upto the one's who invented fire.

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