Thursday, July 31, 2008

Earliest memory

It was raining that day. I remember standing on the platform outside my house, dropping the paper boats(made by dad?) in the ditch and watching them as they swayed their way through the ditch flooded by the rain water.** we lived in a small town, so the open ditches**
I remember feeling excited. Paper boats were a cool act, you know.

Suddenly, I heard my uncle and dad scream, " Look, your teacher".
Confident that they are just engaging in on off their usual plays, I carried on, unperturbed.
They screamed again and this time I looked up. What do you know? It was actually my teacher walking with an umbrella.
I felt embarassed, probably even wee bit guilty at my teacher catching me with such an act.

And that seems to be my earliest memory. I must have been 4 that time. I can recall buildings, faces from an earlier time of my life than this incident. But this is the first complete incident. Why this one, I don't know. And as you can see it has no significance.

The 'me' of today can pass judgements at this incident. Like how the incident clearly marks how gullible I am even early on. I mean, playing with paper boats in the rain is a common thing. Why would a 4-year old feel guilty about it, I don't know. At that point of m y life, I probably felt guilty about everything I did.
But for now, I feel happy recalling that day.

Ps: The curious cat that I am, I am going to ping Mitr, Na_an and Laksh of Lakshmusings to what would be their earliest memory.
Hopefully they will answer.
PPS: On the other hand, is this how tags are started? or does someone have to go and register at tagfficial phony website before they start it?:)


  1. Sachita,

    Lovely tag. Will definitely take it up. Will have to think long and hard for sure :)

  2. Thanks Laksh for agreeing to take it up.

    Think long and hard for this?

  3. Sachita,

    you haven't changed a bit from the 4 year old who got frazzled seeing her teacher while playing with paper boats. Now, why doesn't that surprise me ): Because, that is what makes you the cherubic person you are...

    will take up the tag soon....need to think, cos have too many earliest memories.

  4. Duh .. m,
    That's interesting.
    Am I so predictable?:)

  5. thats cute...why were you guilty? but in India it happens. We are always made to be scared on something or the other. Btw, I successfully completed your tag.