Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I have often wondered ....

why we pay taxes in India.

People say governmant employees take bribes because the salary is not sufficient.

Any normal upper middle class citizens in India would be paying close to 50%(including sales tax & all other random taxes) of their salary in taxes.
The 40-50% of salary in taxes is true for any country. The taxes we pay, according to me,(feel free to argue here) is for the facilities we are provided with from roads to record keeping of the government. If you are in U.S, you pretty much get facilities/benefits worth your taxes. But if you are in India, on top of the taxes you will have to bribe your way through.

So what I am suggesting is do away with the taxes or the bribes. But the latter is definitely not going to happen, so can we please do away with the taxes? System might at least be transparent.

Instead of paying taxes and hoping and praying that you will one day get to see the roads or any such roundabout exercises, you will pay for services that you will be a direct recipient of.


  1. Sachita-

    Yes, doing away at taxes is basically privatization the country, so that we pay for services as we go, like we pay toll for the roads that we use etc. Nalla idea thaan, but, in India neither taxes nor bribery are going to vanish. It does make one feel that we end up paying both in India and don't get good quality.

  2. well it is not if all the taxes we pay in the US is ultimately benefiting us. Most of our money goes into social security for seniors and so forth. I think the system is same everywhere.

  3. Na_an,
    What you say is interesting, I just stated from what I observed.

    If inspite of spending of majority of the tax money on social security of seniors, my basic benefits as a citizen or not affected, where exactly is india going wrong?

    Ofcourse, this isn't practical, bribery in simple terms, just looks like repayment of taxes. That is what I wanted to state.

  4. Thanks, Butter naan:)
    I was hoping somebody would notice.