Friday, August 22, 2008

Research findings from Sachita's world

Whenever I spot an interracial couple, I have a tendency to look at who the kids take after. I seem to have had some prior expectations on this issue. Yep wierd, I know. I had expected the african genes to be the dominant one, as its a long lasting race(remember the out of africa theory?). Like wise Indians too. I don't know if they can be included as a separate race, I always think of Indians as an amalgmation of different races. I did add them to the older races lists and expected their genes to be dominant. Frankly, I surprise myself how I even formed these theories. It wasn't as if I sat and thought through them. I just had formed them somehow.

What I did observe was, the one race which hadn't figured in my thought process, Chinese, seemed to be the dominant one. Chinese-Indian, Chinese-Caucasian - kids always take after their chinese genes. Even the second dominant one surprised me, causcasians. I had always thought of them as a fairly newer race and assumed their genes might not be dominant.

Indians seem to figure last in the list after Africans, rarely do the kids of a mixed marriage look anything like their Indian side.

Ofcourse, the whole observation is based on the samples I have seen and has no purpose except for this blog entry. It is what one calls a moo point.


  1. is an interesting observation. I too think that when American-Asian Indian marry, the kids look more american than Indian. But when American-African marry, the kids take after the african genes predominantly. Of course they are exceptions...

  2. ha.. a comment from chinese, even though its a spam, a comment is a comment and I shall take it.

    So you observed this vetti observation too? May be I should put a poll on this topic one day but considering the elite membership(lesser = eliter!) of this blog, no point in the poll.