Thursday, October 30, 2008

Amma, Sarah Palin needs you

As a 6/7 year old, after rote-ing up my sanskrit/hindi lessons, I will pester my mother for one final independent questioning.

My mum* used to annoy me by asking questions in all kinds of order except the way I had written them down. Sometimes, she would ask me the sanskrit equivalent of an english word when clearly i had written sanskrit word = english word i,e i should be tested the other way around. Stick to the book, woman, stick to the book.

See, I was a stickler for perfection:) and I couldn't take such changes. Besides, if you are learning by rote why not all the way with the numbers. Weren't the marks coming out fine with my superior learning skills.

For all such nonsenses from me, She would come up with worthless explanations like it is more important for me that you know what you are learning than what you score in the exam.

Anyhow, as you can clearly see Sarah Palin needs my mum in her team, so mum can annoy her as well by changing the order of questions which might prepare Sarah Palin a bit more than what her team has done now.


  1. ha ha..funny!!:-)

    I think she desperately needs yr mom's help :-)

  2. May be she is beyond help, You can help a fourth standard kid how do you help a forty year old man.