Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It was few years ago when Jug head landed with a bunch of CDs at home saying he is moving out of pirated stuff and I can take his treasure trove if interested. At first, I dismissed this as one of his usual quirks. The more I thought about it over a period of time, Ayn rand came into picture.

The only thing that stayed with me after reading fountainhead is a Person's right to his work. So if I enjoy some one's work, the right thing to do would be to pay for the work?  Ofcourse, this only applies to genuine work like Rahman's.

When Deva's work itself is a copy without any  acknowledgment to the original composer, why should I pay for it or a Vijay's movies which when I fast forward the song and fight sequence, leaves me with 20 minutes of worthless cinema Or the hungama of one good song in a whole album of bullshit.  I decided for such sub-par, I dont care. As it turned out I never had any urge to listen/watch any of these works.

Of course, there are couple of other factors. In case of films, there is no gurnatee of the product  - are we going to enjoy it or not and there is no return policy. Added to this the atrocious price. When legal tamil DVDs and CDs are 1/3 or sometime 1/10th the price of hindi DVDs, that bogs you down as well. i.e I dont have any control on the pricing. 

Also, given where I live and also my interest in older movies, getting movies was tough. Mostly, I went by case by case. When I enjoyed watching a movie, like Mozhi, I ensured I bought the DVD on my next visit.

Enthiran was the first time, I felt very uncomfortable giving in to the coffers of Kalanidhi maran. After dillydallying for a huge while(I mean as hard as it is to believe this isnt my life you know, movies are only at the periphery of life and there are other hazaar things to worry abt anyway!), when I finally decided to head there, they had taken the movie out of theaters. With all the corruption rubbish that is going on in karunanidhi family and most of the tamil films produced by his family, I have decided that if at all I watch movies(they do make good movies, though from what I see) associated with this family, it will be only through the route of piracy!


  1. Sub-par does not mean that you can justify piracy for it. Either be here or be there :)

  2. Kaushik!!!
    Your question is akin to if you can watch one movie why cant you watch the other completely overlooking the quality part of it- after all they are all images! that is how it sounds in my ears:)

    I dont know if you read the post but the whole point of the post is - because i am a human who can think and dont have to make decisions based on a tick mark answer to question - i choose to analyze the "whole not paying for what you are watching or hearing episode", why I should pay at all and when I have grievances how I can address it in a system that doesnt have the feedback channel.

    It seems to me you havent read the post at all!:(