Monday, November 22, 2010

When Nira Radia spoke on the phone

Various telephonic conversations between a lobbyist, who represented Tata, mukesh and some journalists suddenly made news in few sites - just couple as far as I know - 'open the magazine' and outlook.

Few of the transcripts I read were about DMK-congress cabinet ministry arrangement in 2009 and one about Mukesh's interview set up with Vir Sanghvi.

Few observations from my side.
1. I am not too surprised by the close nexus between politicians and journalists. It is not the first time I am hearing of it either. Movies have portrayed so have fictional stories. And also, when one thinks about it iit s inevitable. People who work that closely will form a nexus. It is only human.
Infact the Vir Sanghvi tape where the lobbyist dictates how the piece is to be written is quite expected. Journalists need these interviewees and you could say the interviewees require the journalist but that forms a separate post.The journalist often make a hue and cry about how the questions are vetted/ dictated. So, it isnt new.

2. But I didnt think that it would be to an extent where Journalist would act as messengers in crisis time. Messengers might seem like a simple job. As the tapes indicate, the messengers(Dayanidhi maran portrayed himself to be one and tried tilting things on his side is what the tape says) can create havoc if they want. That puts them in a state of power!

3. This also explains why the majority of the media, esp. the likes of Barkha dutt and others have always been pro-congress because that is where their close connection lies. On the other hand, did they become close to congress leaders because they were ideologically aligned (bet the term ideology in these times in this sphere is pure bullshit!) or because that is where they were being favored, I am not sure.

4. Who would have released the tape? the one who was targetted to be affected by these conversations, right?

5. Every one knows Mukesh Ambani is doing much better than Anil after the split. I had wrongly attributed that to Mukesh's better skills of administration. Apparently it is just better Politician pocketing skill - the only skill an Indian businessman needs. 

Peripheral question"
1. With all these scandals that are breaking out, it is hard to believe Sonia/Rahul arent getting anything out of it. Rajeev Gandhi used to say the example of  passing a 'kuchi ice' through 100 people equating the amount of ice that last of the 100 gets to the government spending that reaches the comman man. Applying it in reverse, if this is what Suresh Kalmadi got out of CWG and Raja got out of spectrum scandal, one can imagine what the ones at top would have got. Why should Rahul/Sonia tolerate the corruption allegations esp. like the CWG if they arent part of it, right?

Congress has found an easy way out of the allegation by making a habit of sacrificing the prominent head.


  1. I agree with your first point. Tamil Nadu channels = classic examples. But still I do not understand the fuss about it! Nothing new. Same old bull shit!

  2. Tamil Nadu channels are a different story, Every one is so scared of the family in tam land, we hardly hear any truth.

  3. Abracabdra,
    It a war between Mukesh an Anil.. A war between their media managers.. A war thats been on for last 4 years.. and a war that will be open whether their lobbyists and media managers are the same or change..
    As you are hinting that Anils camp may have released the tapes could be one believable theory.. But aren't these the same agencies that have been targeting Anil for over 2 years now.

    These wars need something more than sheer business rivalry. the rivalry and the hatred need to be embedded deep inside for the 2 warring parties to keep the relentless battles on.. One who lost the last battle takes revenge and vice versa.

    After all, War creates Peace, like Hate creates love.
    Though its more of an open secret that it was another corporate lobbyist in political capital and his main henchman in the commercial capital who engineered this expose, have they done any wrong is whistle-blowing a scam that was blatantly going on in front of all of us.. Whether it was for Anil or for their personal enmity with Radia thats a much talked folklore...

  4. It doesnt matter to me. I think this whole rivalry is good for the public otherwise how would we get any info at all.

  5. Is there a good summary of the debate? u know i cant watch it!