Monday, January 31, 2011

Tips for managing work life part 1

What do you do when your contribution  on something at work especially that you pretty much managed completely is forgotten? And concern is expressed on how things will be managed when a senior person leaves.  Especially the person in question,  couldn't finish the same task.

I thought of getting on the floor kicking my legs and screaming but I did it  last time I did it last time!


  1. That is corporate life for you. You will never be recognized until you leave.

  2. tell me about it...its the same everywhr...adhanaala i have realized that there's no point in working for some appraisal or to satisfy ppl...first and foremost thing is if the individual himself is satisfied with his work. rest I leave for fate to decide!

  3. Viswajith:
    " some appraisal " oh, no if it happened in yearly reviews, I would stage a dharna. That is lot more serious problem.

    this is just a perception problem I am fighting.

  4. Well...try taking a vacation now and they will flip out over you. Maybe it is the corporate demon's way of showing you matter.

  5. Shoba: Who cares if they recognize after we leave, no?

    Saumya: True, before the 2 week vacay last year they were literally at my cube panicking! Even now, they are fine in 1:1s but in a group meeting is where the problem is!