Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Every one ends up fine is what I realized couple of years ago.

The guy who was thrown out of Grad School first semester, ended up working at one of the big Giants of the world. 

The one who was fired from the job only to be laid off in the next. Another who took 7 years to finish his Bachelors. Both doing very well in their career today. The guy who was teased the most stupid of the whole batch, got a call from a start up company.

Things that our Indian middle class Society considered the ultimate defeat so much that they pushed you to avoid them at any cost - failure at school/work. * I would like to add, my own parents are sort of slightly different, they insisted on us learning how to handle failures as well*  But people survive.

The stories are endless. I quote them often to friends to encourage them saying  that whatever they are going through will also pass.

But what I didnt realize all this while was that the marks of the trauma........ are there. still there, will be there for a long time. Reflecting in their actions years after - risk averse always seeking more security, paranoia, sometimes even affecting sleep.


  1. Any hardship is going to leave its scar. And that teaches us the value of good times.

  2. Nailed it, girl. That is what life is all about. Wounds might be healed, but the scars remain.

  3. Viswajith.k.n:
    good times? even normal times get scary after that.

    Just observed this.. live n learn i suppose!

  4. why this thought suddenly?

  5. General observation, L general observation!

  6. That is why they say one cannot plan life too much - every moment that doesn't kill only strengthens you and things like that. It is just too diverse, our actions and reactions all in some small way contributing to who we are and what we land up as.

  7. Saumya: Yet, they way our society back home treats each exam as if a life or death matters startles me!