Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is how Indian Santa Clara is...

Happened couple of years ago.

My apartment manager suggests a guy for me, her friend's(Indian) son. First I try avoiding an answer, just nodding a no. She says, " I keep telling his mom(her friend) that you two should just meet and will hit right off. You are so perfect for each other."
I squirm not knowing where to start and end up not saying anything.

" Oh, He is a Brahmin, don't worry.", continues the blonde haired, blue eyed 40 something Caucasian woman.

The earth didn't swallow me that day!


  1. Hahaha! This shows women are women, no matter which origin. ;--))

  2. Kalaki podu...start going out then..:D :P

  3. so meet panniniya? After all Brahmin boy (but I guess Santa Clara la every other boy must be brahmin)

  4. :) Gosh - what was his gothram?

  5. Isn't no one else shocked at the caste reference from a non-Indian?
    Saumya: you are taking it even a notch higher.