Monday, February 21, 2011

You dont live in Sunnyvale and claim to live in San Fransisco on your social networking page.  Same goes for New Jersesy and Newyork. 

Kattungulattur and Chennai - though prominent engineering colleges claim to be chennai -based when they are clearly out of chennai.

Though you can live in Pune and put Mumbai - Totally legitimate!


  1. err yaaru sonna totally legitimate Pune and Mumbai? Even the New Bombay and Thane kids are teased that they don't exactly live in Mumbai(for fun of course). At least SRM thing is totally legitimate coz students, profs all come from Chennai. So it is a "Chennai" college

  2. Gradwolf:
    That was just for fun. Was just referring to how densely populated those areas are and how many people travel to Bombay from far away places.

  3. 5 hours travel and 8 hours work for folks in Pune and working in mumbai..:D

  4. dont know if people travel from pune but was told people do travel 2.5 hrs one way to bombay everday!!!