Monday, February 14, 2011

This news isnt from the Onion!

Vijay will be doing the role of Vandhiya Thevan

Frankly, compared to the atrocity of Vijay being Vandhiya devan, the news of him appearing in a Mani ratnam movie is so much more easier to hear. I am  a huge Mani fan and all.  But Vandhiya devan -  he was almost my first crush. I have sort of  read Ponniyan selvan 3 times. Sort of  because every single time I have only skimmed for portions with  Vandhiya devan. The charm, the wit  is superb. Way too many people love this character.

We need some one with inherent charm. Strangely in tamil cinema, a great actor is  the one who  will do the usual I will starve for 10 days, not take bath for 20 days routine. (Vijay doesnt even try that)This role is beyond those gimmicks.

When Kamal was suppose to play it years ago I thanked God he didnt.  He would have gone overboard and killed it. Kamal suits aditya Karikalan more.

Now Vijay?

Even as a pure gossip it is atrocious.

Ps: Surya, surya is the only one. Vikram would be ok too. But Surya.. that would be it. 


  1. The whole ponniyin selvan movie idea is too good to be true coz it has changed hands like crazy over decades. Mani Ratnam, Kamal etc. everyone has held the script at some point I think. So lets see, it's all rumour at this stage.

    And I really don't think MR would get casting wrong in a Tamil film. So no, Vijay won't be it!

  2. Oh no! It will spoil the whole movie experience for me.
    I hope Graddie's words come true.
    I cannot stand Vijay in any of his crappy movies leave alone an epic like PS.

    Surya, yes, Surya would be awesome :--) Actually Surya would make a great Karikalan ;--)

  3. SK: it sounds too illogical to be true, atleast thats what i think.
    Gradwolf: but thats why i said even as a gossip atrocious!

  4. Mani Ratnam owes a good movie all said and done...especially after Ravan and all the hype abt the brilliant cast.

  5. :) I wish Mani would just churn out movies every 6 months!

  6. Vandhiadevan is one of the best characters among the books that I have read yet to date , IMHO. I read ponniyin selvan( the english translated version) couple of years back and was floored.
    Imagine Vijay doing that role and saying " Illanga anna...., this anna , that anna.. " crap. Atrocius!

  7. Wow Shoba, so it isnt just me. I love love that character when you say it works even in an english translation that somehow makes happy:)

    I cant imagine any angle vijay pulling this off except he can bring in the money with his fan following!

  8. ...I have sort of read Ponniyan selvan 3 times....


    Reg Surya - he'll be sort of Okiedokie for Vandiyadevan. But on the charm part of it, i have my doubts.I get a feel he tries to fit hard into looking so. There is no charmy artiste in tamil for quite sometime. Vintage karthik made a mark.full stop.

    But more importantly, what about kundavai?
    We dont have a charmy femme either... Jyo comes close,but tummy wud obstruct :)

  9. Yaaro:
    First of all, welcome!
    Vandhiyadevan's charm and karthik's charm are slightly different.

    Btw, Jyothikaaa for Kundavai, how could you???? And here I am celebrating that she doesnt act at all anymore ( or rather overact rather repeat the five extreme expressions) and you are suggesting her for Kundavai?:)

    I have always imagined Kundavai to be a slender woman. But she def. needs to look smart.