Thursday, February 17, 2011

Social network

The whole world and its family went gaga over Social network the movie but not me. Valleywag is to blame. A friend suggested that site and the few times I clicked this is the one story they had. The story of rich twin boys and 'whitest' Indian (according to a comment in youtube ) being taken for a ride.

The movie ofcourse is taken deftly. Not just aah... oh... exclamation point feel inducing for me.

Stepping aside from the movie and on to the real story, Bill gates was known for similar stories and look at what a wonderful Philanthropist he turned out to be. This sort of crooked street smartness actually boards well in building a corporation. Mark Zuckerberg sounds like he has a good future.

Facebook on other hand just seems to be one of the waves like myspace, orkut for indians and so on. Can we sustain updating statuses for 10 years?


  1. I hate the fact that everyone went absolutely beserk abt it. Think its over rated.

  2. umm... i am more curious as what others saw that i missed.

    Were they all not aware of the story before?

  3. The brilliance of social network lies in its writing and the way the screenplay is structured. From his breakup to how facemash was conceptualized and executed, the friendship with Eduardo Saverin, the frequent shifts to present day deposition and flashback of formation of facebook etc. If you follow the dialogs etc. closely, it's so fast and witty that you're bound to miss some fine details. Saw it thrice :)

    Being aware of the story before has nothing to do with how good or bad the movie is in IMO

  4. And I don't get this "just another wave for Indians and so on." I think it's a rage and college time cult even in the US, and more so in the US than India. Orkut, fb etc. are not something only the Indians are domination and making it big. To quote from recent example, the fb influence in Egypt etc.

    And I don't think MySpace was ever big in India. Nobody even gave a second glance to it

  5. Gradwolf:
    "lies in its writing and the way the screenplay is structured"
    I did like it enough to watch it twice. But.. but.. still dont feel its that great.

    Besides the whole version is from
    Eduardo Saverin view point. That sort of one sided view takes away quite a bit of fun.

    The Indians comment was only for Orkut. Orkut was more popular among Indians, Brazillians.. Myspace in USA - I meant that.
    Facebook was already on a raise when Indians were still using orkut!