Thursday, February 10, 2011

Boss engira Bhaskiran and Band Bajaa Bharaat

Surprisingly, I enjoyed Boss Engira Bhaskiran. Humorous dialogues. Situations are illogical but it didn't bother me much. Some of it was truly lame like when Jeeva gets a call from the director in the climax or the climax itself and if we rewind from there we would find way too many instances as that. Santhanam and Arya rock - actually all the characters rock. Nayantara who was the reason that I almost missed this movie, was tolerable because she wasnt present all that much:)

Kadhal Bharath's character reference was extremely funny. Didnt really enjoy the mocking of alaipayuthey - too iconic a scene for a substandard movie(well in terms of movie making, it is) like this to make fun of. For a minute I didnt get why the famous scene from Alaipayuthey had to be played again, as if someone wouldnt have watched it and then realized it has been a decade since Alaipayuthey released. There are kids who might not have watched movie in their teens/ late teens even and I shut my mouth.
The reviews had set the bar so high for Band Bajaa Baraat that I thought it was destined #fail, in my eyes of course. Movie still ended up doing fine inspite of my under the microscope viewing. Performances are top notch. Anushka held herself up very well against Shahrukh in her first movie, this one she takes it up a notch with even more nuanced performance. She is not super hot but hot and she can act superbly - rare combination right?

The guy Ranvir nails it. 

And the writing? - the characters are etched well enough, real enough that they could be part of those slightly offbeat realistic ones like Oye lucky lucky oye. I honestly thought it was slightly wasted in the romcom space:)

To think I smirked when I heard it was about wedding planner. Hindi films are just importing stuff from HW. these days in the name of  making sensible cinema. And Wedding Planner seems so out of Place in India. But the rooted it well.

I do like well-made Hollywood Chick flicks even watch them repeatedly. But there is the whole 'hollywoodisation' to those characters that they dont seem flesh and blood. You only have the emotional arcs you can relate to. BBB's characters are real so much so it gets ahead of the HW chick flicks:)


  1. Boss...It was funny I agree, but the climax seemed to me as if it dropped from nowhere (or did I miss part 8 and part-9 and jumped to part-10?)

    I absolutely loved Band...
    Chic flicks have the same masala, just that a able writer-director is able to use the masala better. Band bajaa nailed it :), except for the song towards the end...that was just felt out of place.

  2. I didnt like Boss movie. Somehow movies nowadays show such irresponsible guys as heroes, I am not able to take it.

  3. Boss is an awesome timepass movie...havent seen Band Baaja...have to check it!

  4. Kaushik: The climax is like that, I saw it on DVD!
    BBB - yeah, the writer and actors nailed it.
    SK: bothers me a lot too!
    Viswajith: Def. checkout BBB