Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Apple's Ipad2

I so so hate this news -Apple confirms March 2 media event to introduce iPad 2

I just got an Ipad couple of months back and that thing so reminds of the words from a US President about how you cant fart and chew gum at the same time. I can't play something on youtube and browse at the same time. Havent explored enough but even multi-tabbed browsing isnt available. You might think its there but its a sham. Though it looks awesome, so light, the touch screen is smooth almost as if this is the mode for humans. Very intuitive. 

One of the other things that bothered me is the low processor speed. We are so used to looking for the best of specifications that it was hard for me to go for this one. Agreed the form factor is small but the performance shouldnt go down to the level where you feel effect during normal browsing (not even video).

For once, I did an impulsive buy.
Now two months after I bought it, the next version is going to be out.


  1. HA!! Welcome to my world. I have the first version of Iphone , which feels ancient when compared to the 3G one. First version of Kindle, which was quite expensive at that time. :( And IPAD :( , which doesn't even have a camera. :(

  2. Shoba: Atleast if you got it as soon as it was released there is that adav. of having the kewlest product:)

    Viswajith: No thunderbird for you!

  3. hahaha! I have the older version too, its okay, you know the deal about gadgets. no point crying.
    Ifyou get iPad2, iPad3 will not befar off.

  4. SK: but I got mine just couple of months ago! but it is ok since my main crib is the multi-tasking while browsing - that is an OS fix.

    I am not too eager for another apple product now:)