Thursday, March 10, 2011

~(Daughter, wife, Mother)

Every single time I read the "daughter, wife, mother" in the profile description it gets on my nerves. My issue isnt  that men rarely put "son, husband, father" ala a feminist rant. 

This has to go to do with none of the words really distinguishing a person in anyway - should I put "Couch sitter, driver, everyday bathe'r', eats 3 meals a day, works for a living"? 

Not to say each of the individual role doesnt require work but you are born to some one, you got to be their daughter right? & so is the rest of female population. Yet that is how quite a few women describe themselves!


  1. Good point!! Seriously!
    Bugs me too when women identify themselves so. Get a life ladies!

  2. hehe!

    you both will like this:

  3. SK: More than get a life, these people need little more perspective!
    When that video appeared in indiequill and gb i thought it almost went viral:) Anyway, that video is slightly diff. in the sense, that is the society's expectation, here the woman themselves want to label as such!

  4. tooo funny .. hehe :)