Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Walking is the national sport, perhaps?

Come evening, a little later during summer, you will scores of people walking. Mostly Indians, Especially the coupled ones. without children ones. May be the collective walk of all the Desis from sunnyvale put together on one person can lead all the way upto mt.everest, London Boston atleast to Las Vegas.

They mostly walk. they dont run. Non Indians jog and they never walk unless they have a dog or are really old. All the way wrinkled up old one walk.

But we Indians(and this includes me - during the on phase of my on/off healthy life style mode) walk. I wonder if they are doing it for weight loss as thats what it looks like - and I want to shake my head on how futile if that is the case.

It almost seems to be a religion for us. From the small stretch of park opposite to Ashok pillar in chennai  to the parks of mumbai..
Walk... walk walk..


  1. Start running girl! Why walking! ;--)
    Walking gives the satisfaction of exercising without exerting self too much I think :--D

  2. I have problems with running, SK. But I do eliptical in gym during my on phase of fitness and couple of days i just like to walk more for the outside clime.

  3. I like to walk just to breathe the fresh air and a chat with my friend.. I can very well imagine how sunnyvale would be, with lot of amma,appa couple as well. :)

  4. yep fresh air, i like amma appa couples, reminds of the couple of months my parents spend here though my parents never walked:)

  5. love random walking as long as I have some company