Sunday, September 4, 2011

Delhi belly, Zindagi na milegi dobara

Considering I came back from India only two weeks ago, that is a lot of movies, right? Oh well, the advantages of being single. 

Delhi Belly

Out and out Funny. Well edited which is important when it comes to movie like this. Watching the movie took my thoughts on  a different track - about movies like Oram poo and other well made funny tamil movies. Those movies would never get the reach of this movie just because they are regional  in a south indian language. So on for even writers. Curse of regional language I suppose. Sigh.

Delhi belly though is a good movie. The adult dialogues, totally not out of place for the characters and the space they live in, isnt really required to make it funny. I guess the marketing made it out to be sort of an usp of the movie - - I didnt care either way. So on for the bit of toilet  humor, just a bit. I dont enjoy it much in american movies which revel on comedies based on gross subjects - but that is just me. (most Indian girls, as well?)  The gross part is only bit of the movie and not as much like say a 40 year old virgin.

Oh, hold your breadth, I watched the movie entirely in hindi( film was supposed to be 40% english and they had dubbed those portions). That sucks. 

And also much to everyone's surprise or even shock, Imran khan acts well. Porcelain skin, cute face and acts well - what more would a woman want?

I loved Zoya for Luck by chance. But I also thought she would be a one film wonder. It was one of those films which had shades of brilliance - the seduction scene was so subtle - so many good scenes but overall it missed a wholesomeness - it didnt maintain the same emotional overtone. There have been other directors like that and they have all had just one film. So didnt think Zoya would have any more future either.

In ZNMD, surpirsingly, zoya doesnt have that problem. She is still a brilliant director. Even for a simple movie like this, bits of story like hrithik's last breakup, hrithik and farhan's fight, it is revealed as the movies goes in bit of conversation here and there. But I am bored nevertheless. All these life changing inspiration, doesnt cut any ice with me now that I have well, lived life a bit. Overall the film isnt too sincere I suppose with those anyway. Also these south mumbai guys with 12000 euro bags is pretty boring.

Hrithik is the only reason this movie could be as big a hit as it is. The movie isnt bad( Personally, I was bored but that could just be me) But movies of this genre would usually make half the money. But I am starting to like Hrithik. He is a good actor and with diverse roles he has started to do of late compared to his earlier exclusive super hero movies, it is easy to observe that. 

Katrina Kaif - uff.... let me admit I am a bit annoyed that this girl doesnt even appear for more than 30% in any of the movies that she acts in but they all turn out to be hits - is she really lucky or is her white skin obsessed (granted the features are good too) fans are so fanatical to flock to theatres for that 30% appearance? On top of this, all she has in this movie, a smile, always. I suppose an happy princess. 
Those supposedly life altering dialogues she utters to Hrithik lose their meaning with that so happy smile on her face. I want really wipe that smile of the face and make her feel .. errr some emotion - surely the woman might have little bit more ambition in life than standing in movies? 

Kalki appears a little more than katrina and is good. And so is rest of the cast.

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