Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How about paying me - facebook, google and whoever you are ?

Obviously, my browsing infos are extremely important for you - I am ofcourse para vetti oppicer(yes goundamani patented title) but for some reason my reading of film gossip, randomly googling people, my wikipedia entries about pandyan kingdom. googling and drooling at food recipes in the hope that i cook them ... . all such random stuff - are all details you want to collect.

Fine, I can send you a daily report - in the format you desire but just pay me, you  evil snoopy big corporation.

 - an innocent snooper.

Ps: Here is the link that triggered this post - Apparently facebook collects info from you after you have logged out.


  1. looks like you are pissed big time with facebook and whoever they are...:P

  2. a similar post on google's privacy invasion and you had the same comment then too :)

  3. have a strong memory huh. nyways both of them do the same thing. not as if one is good and the other is bad