Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Won

Yesterday as I tuned into the TV, I don't really remember caring who is going to win. I am a democrat by default but living in california, one has no clue what other states are feeling. And due to my Indian experiences, I am always suspicious about these sample polls.

But then I saw Obama had a clear lead. After switching between Fox and CNN for an hour, I switched to some DVD. When I switched back after less than an hour, Obama was already declared the president.

That was it, I don't think I will ever be able to describe my job. Went out, disappointed that people were not making any noise on the street. Did a couple of jigs. Treated myself at starbucks(silly, silly me).

After this it has been all night of listening to Obama's speech, revisiting his interviews with Jay Leno, David Letterman, heck even old pops Oreilly's one. He has been a delight in each of these interview filling each reply with humour. This is not a side of him we are going to see him again while he is in office.

Considering my feelings are so overwhelming for Obama today, I can't but smile how I thought Hilary clinton should/would become the next president last year.

Let me just trace from last year to this point, what I felt at each point, lest I forget that I wasn't even supporter obama all the time.
So Hilary this time, is it?
Obama isn't bad, I don't care if either of them becomes president.
why can't clinton just quit?
oh man why can't clinton just quit while Mccain has even started his election.
He is Barack Hussien Obama, so ?
Oh my god, Sarah Palin - will get back right at you.
John Mccain isn't bad.
People have issues with him black?
Obama is winning.
Slight slip.
Obama Won.

Funnily enough, I also don't hate John Mccain like the way I hate George Bush, Sarah Palin. In another time with a lesser opponent he would have won. And if not for Obama's skin tone, with his personality, Charisma and with such anti-incumbent wave against Bush administration, he would have sweeped more.

It was a fair contest and that is always nice after the mockery George bush made of the white house in the apst 8 years.

Not that I am really sure what Obama promises to me. We are really in desparate times. People use the sentence all the time, but this one time nobody can dispute it. Will Obama ensure I will have my job? Will my taxes increase? Will US be able to pull out of Iraq without much of a chaos in 15 months?

I honestly don't know the answers to these. But I know that he was the best of the current lot and probably even across few of the previous elections. People have bet and the historical milestone cannot be ignored. Hope for world's sake he does some miracle.

And yeah, he is hot!

Ps: Prop8..! For those who voted yes on Prop8, I hope you all have kids who turn out to be gays so that one day you will wish you had voted no.


  1. Well written post, you really covered all the basis and esp. prop 8. I hope to do a post on all the different props with special emphasis on prop 8 for CA.

  2. I liked both your posts:)
    But I didn't see a discussion on the other Props?