Sunday, November 16, 2008

Varanam Aayiram

* We, as in I, like Coming of age/finding yourself stories. Garden state and Razor's edge are my favorites. But I can't recall watching a tamil movie in this genre.

* The movie is set in two places that are close to my heart. The movie is shot extensively in SFO and the place where I grew up. The Light blue shirt, dark blue Pant uniform that Surya sports is from my Alma mater. So, I should know these places and people.

* In spite of the familiar setting and genre being a personal favorite, I still couldn't relate to the movie. The ingredients is what threw me off. Surya's love at first sight, how he finds his life's calling reminds me more of a masala movie than real life. None of them really end up getting any admiration. When Surya's parents ask him to take a trip to find himself, I more look at them as irresponsible parents than as Parents who were confident and mature enough to trust the kid. Surya's character up until that point hasn't displayed anything that felt like he deserved the trust. See that's what the problem with the movie was, couldn't relate esp. in a surrounding so familiar and unjustifiable and also not that well made.

* Sameera's character acts, reacts as expected. She is one of the normal ones.

* Gautham Menon handled the love angle in Kakka Kakka and Vettayadu Vilayadu sensibly, making me wish he would direct a full fledged love story one day. But apparently if he does that it will end up like Minnale. A Minnale with litte less regressive idea of a woman.

* Sameera Reddy could look beautiful, who knew?

* We(as in I) like the songs, but today morning I found Bheema's music intolerable. As this is Harris Jeyaraj, the music might suffer the same fate too. 'Annal melae' and Mundinam parthen are picturized quite surprisingly what one would have imagined.
Oh and they also apparently shot a song in Farah Khan's OSO set.

* Surya has put in quite a bit of work in essaying two roles and it shows. Simran requires just few scenes to shine. In those few scenes, she makes you forget the others including the two Suryas.

* I am never going to forgive Tamil audiences for not lapping up Simran back with open arms after her Child- birth break. You guys so deserve your Jyothikas and Trishas.

* Surya calls his father, daddy in the movie. The Dad Surya calls his son, Kiddo. (!!! no this is not the 70s shows). Surya here belongs to a generation before mine. i.e when Sarang was called Mardigas. So the peterness is out of place. On top of this, Surya's diction doesn't allow the daddies and kiddos to slip by without you noticing it and squirming about it. The more I noticed, I realized Surya has trouble even in saying Azhagu.

*Caught the movie on Saturday. The Original plan to watch on Sunday crashed because DB felt movie might not be worth it after reading the reviews. DB, DR and the other couple dropped out. But just couple of days before that, another friend S had asked me to come along. After reading the reviews I was scared not because I thought it would be sub-par but because I thought it might have more melodrama that I can take.But somehow S convinced me with a gushing email from another friend of hers and I went along. As of today, we both are looking for hired helps or an auto full of goondas to be sent to the author of the gushing email.

Few pieces of info.
1. Sarang of our times was called Mardigas once apparently.
2 Surya shopped in Bath & Body works accompanied by his Sister-in-law and bought tonnes of stuff.
#1 mattered to me and #2 I have to report as per Gossip Raja's rules of data transfer wherein Gossip listened to, however trivial in content will be passed on to another person.
3. Next time when some one wishes to visit SFO and your car refuses to go on what would be its silver jubilee of SFO sight seeing trip, please hand them over the DVD of Adiye kolluthey.

At some point, this random post has to end. So here.


  1. Awesome post, didn't watch the movie yet, reading and hearing about all the reviews. Figured, will catch it on DVD later. Loved reading this post with the facts and other tidbits, keep em coming!

  2. Was wanting to catch this movie but now feel like I can wait and catch it on DVD. Love your posts. Caught up on a huge backlog yesterday.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post Sachita, especially the part where you are looking for goondas :-).

    I feel so out of touch with movies (all languages). I try to catch up on Netflix, but somehow it's not the same!

  4. M, I think I should have waited for you to watch the movie and then posted the review...:)
    Laksh:) Good job on completing the assignment.
    I can understand if you say you don't get much time to watch the movies.