Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What to do this thanksgiving?

Drive drive and drive around.
Because you never know when the shaikhs will raise the price again and when they do, they will get back with vengeance.
So for now drive, drive, drive around.

If you had ever wanted to aimlessly wander on the pretext of finding yourself, do it now. do it using a car.
Go somewhere, go anywhere in your car.


  1. I know. Gas price was $1.93 when I filled my car yesterday, cheaper than what it was 4 years back. And what was I thinking 4 months back!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you..!

  2. it is ironical, isn't when it was ~$4.00, we cribbed now when it was low, it reminds of the recession.
    hope you had a fun filled thanksgiving.