Wednesday, July 6, 2011

About actually doing nothing

My whole life is pretty much about nothing  - I always planned to do so much - give that sixty seconds worth of work for the minute or something like that. Do voluntary work - learn music - learn sanskrit - get promoted every year( it isnt even possible apparently but how does that matter for dreams) - hike every week - play badmitton - be house proud - give me a minute on this one so that I can rofl ..... ok i am back - cook every day - sorry now i need two minutes...  

Obviously I havent done all that at the same time. Tried a few -  music for a year - it required practice @ home so I quit that for the nth time in my life - currently i am learning sanskrit. After all these years, my house and I have made peace with each other. We agree to be just in a situation where a guest wouldnt run away disgusted -  has worked so far except for one time when the carpet betrayed me during a friend's visit. So it goes.

I dont know where the past 7 years have gone by - I assumed it went on nothing. 

Except my brother threw up a challenge this weekend - he switched off the TV, took away the laptop and asked me to shut up and asked me to literally not do anything.

Ppls of India - couldnt wouldnt shouldnt  - the most impossible few minutes of my life.

I have quit on doing nothing as well now.


  1. ha ha ha...but i dont know whr the last 5 yrs have gone by for me...:P

  2. SK: as they say pozhappey siripa sirikathu:)

    Viswajith: you actually managed to do nothing?

  3. who knows if its nothing or something. it just went by..:P