Wednesday, July 13, 2011

But universe I can take this one

It was supposed to be the easiest of dinner I had ever thrown. I had it all planned. Things at work went smoothly even. I had soaked the lenthil and rice for pesarratu in the morning.

I reached home on time @6.15, called up friend to confirm and assured her it would be a simple menu. Almost ready to grind up the pesarattu - a dish I had made only 15 or more so times earlier, I noticed something unusual, some part of the moong daal just remained as I saw them in the morning after a good 10 hour of soaking - as hard. I dont know exactly about the problem between the moong daal and water - but a part of them had decided to be water proof.

Let me be honest, for a moment I thought I will still try grinding them but better sense prevailed. Also an image of a guest with a broken tooth came up, may be. 

An hour and a half later which included a rush trip to grocery store, I was done with a mixed rice and side dish.

I am not making this up but as I type this late in the night, the cookery show on the tamil channel is showing how to make pesarattu!


  1. LOL about the moong dal. I think I know what you are talking about.. But, usually, a whole pack will not be like that. There will be a few, which will be hard and which could be grinded. :) Better luck next time. :)

  2. Thank you for the info, i was going to throw away the whole packet since i have never seen that before, i will give it another shot before throwing it away :)