Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Corn field of lawrence expressway

I dont take Lawrence expressway to go to work any more. In the first two years after arriving at Silicon valley, I used those roads every day. Well after 7.00pm, when even the bumper to bumper traffic of lawrence expressway had reduced, I would come back from work through that road. Work wasnt as bad but it was still hectic for a newcomer, along with it the pressure that builds up in your head when you get introduced to one too many ambitious people and their ideas, I would come back quite tired. As I move closer to elcamino, I would spot the cornfield.

Yes, Right in the middle of the concrete houses, right next to a heavy traffic expressway is a corn field - reminding my history thirsty brain that this is what the valley was like before it became silicon valley - that right in midst of all these people who run after money, there is one family that choose to continue farming their land  - land that could easily be converted into 20 homes which even at this rock bottom economy will go at 550K each. 

But they choose farming and have continued so for generations.


  1. Hey, I know that cornfield. I hope it survives. You can find some more fields at wierd places, in fremont, milpitas as well.

  2. I have seen that thathas who run that field - as long as they are there the field would survive :)