Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In other news....

Rahul & I: I will get married to Rahul Gandhi. He will be the pretty one and me, the intelligent one(relatively, pah!). No more Prime Ministers from Nehru family, I assure you. I won't become one coz I immensely prefer browsing the whole day with background pressure of work to be done. I will also get lasagnas and gnocchi for lunch. :) Win-win situation. No comments on beauty(him) & the beast(who?) are allowed.

*** ALERT: Boys, the following might be out of your comfort zone****
I have been getting them for a long time now. Perfect 24-27 day cycles. Symptoms change, before it was leg pain to stomach pain to what my roommates termed as life threatening pukes. Now it is PMS cry. Once in a month, I will cry for something that most probably occured 15-25 days ago. For like 5 minutes. Logical me will be wondering why am I crying for or even getting upset over this? a day or two later, I will know the answer. Puh..

If you are from India, you would definitely recognize these set of people. The ones who always look south from your face while talking to you. If you are a Girl from India and you haven't met them, the smoke that you are smelling is due to the fire from my stomach! Anyway, couple of years ago, i encountered it at work. From the guy with much acclaimed European skin, blonde hair, brown eyes and yet cutting an ugly picture with that weirdly structured face. For like half an hour he was in my cube. These days it only amuses me anyway. Must be an unmarried loser, I thought. I came to know later that he is married with two kids. Surely he must have seen dozens of them considering his cultural background. So, why? why do they do that?

I am off to watch Wednesday. Does anyone else find Irfan Khan, Naseerudin Shah Hot? Irfan Khan did after watching Maqbool and Naseer did after rice plate in das kahaniyaan. If not and you find this wierd, remember what you read here, stays here.
Ok bye.

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