Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mumbai terror - part 2

I wanted to avoid another post lest I sound like a broken record or pretentious but I react to what I read and Mumbai terror attack still occupies a major portion of that.

1. Every body is calling it India's 9/11. From what I know, we have had one of these bomb blasts quite often starting from 1993 Bombay blasts. We might even have covered all the 365 days if somebody listed them all. What makes this our 9/11 and others not? If you are talking in terms of importance of the place, hello, we have had one in our Parliament 7 years ago, in terms of lives lost or property lost, Bombay blasts would score big time no?
I think people who have this utter fascination with US are the one's who would be calling it India's 9/11. I am not complaining atleast we are reacting strongly for once.

2. US says Pakistan should help India, Pakistan says terrorism is bad and will provide all support to India and then says that there is no proof that all these people are from Pakistan. India keeps saying there will be Military consequences and does nothing. This routine has been going on for 7 days now. I must say I have it all memorized that tomorrow if one of the spokepersons gets sick, I can cover for him.
With Global recession, nobody has any money for war anyway except for the terrorists.

3. I read in Dawn, a Pakistani Newspaper, in their letters to editor section, India must have done this all to herself to avoid the focus shifting to Kashmir. That is too much of intelligence to attribute to my country's RAW. We are RAW not ISI.

4. CNN, I swear I switched it off last Monday as soon as I heard Obama say that every nation has to do what it has to protect its soverignity in response to some reporter's question about doesn't India have the same right to attack Pakistan as US does to combat terrorism, you know ending on a good note.

But before that I heard some intelligent guys* at CNN say that they should solve the current terror problem in US by solving the KAshmir problem. You know like India is a moron and let us help him with the problem. Irritating, especially considering US's track record in solving problems in the recent past, in Iraq and Afghanistan is abysmal. If at all, US and Britain are the top countries that should be prevented from poking their nose into another country's business.
They have already created enough mess, time to pass the chance to other countries.

5. I left a comment at NDTV that they shouldn't cop out by saying there was no guidance from government, people are probably more interested in lives saved than live coverage itself.

That comment wasn't published but comments thanking NDTV for the live coverage were. I left another comment saying people, NDTV is not doing us any favor by doing a live coverage, after all they are doing it for the ad money for which we pay indirectly. Also, nobody is asking them to stop the live coverage just do it wth responsibility. That was also not published.

*Morons, what are the other synonyms of this word? Idiot & stupid have been declared uncool from second standard. Please take your time and provide answer within 7 days, all your comments will be published, unlike you know other places.


  1. All pertinent points but unfortunately, as you yourself know you got to make your energy accountable actionable words.

  2. Any thoughts on how on to do that?

  3. Of course I have, We've been following Jihad for ages now; I cant eloborate on all that right now, might become a book, but others have..check out the World at Risk report released by US lat week.
    Let me see wait--
    If you find it too western, given the India structure and Indians in general the only real actionable advice I can give is to have a symposium of the architects who designed all the important civic places, and important landmarks and nuclear installations in India and submit a copy of all the blueprints to NSG.