Monday, December 29, 2008

Small eyes and big screen

The only thing that is left for me to see is to have a just born baby taken directly to the theatre. You know how the new borns look all shrivelled up, that is the only stage of baby I haven't seen in the theatre. As of today, I have seen 3 months to five year old kids in Indian theatre.

I don't care if you judge me because I know I love Kids. Every one who knows me knows that. That is probably why I am writing this post. Yes, sometimes sitting in TZP and JA, I have enjoyed the questions some kids have screamed out loud. It is kind of cute when a five year old asks it mom if the kid in TZP is getting punished because he has been a bad boy.

But it is another to have a 2 year old girl standing right next to you and staring at your face right as you are watching a movie for 15 minutes. That is still between me and the parents. But when you bring your 3 year old to vettayadu vilayadu, a movie where a friend commented with all the 19 murders you got 2 murders free in end title and to top it, you let him stand right next to the big screen and he watches as you close your eyes to avoid the gore on the screen, that is the limit.

Another violent movie like Ghajini, you bring your 3 month old baby and sit in the first row. That baby shouldn't even be allowed to watch T.V for God's sake.

Every one I speak to condemn this. The couple of parents I know take extreme pains to avoid this scenario. They even go to the theatre alone so that the other can take care of the kid. Yet, I find parents all the time with kids in the theatre. If you do want a romantic night out(with Vettayadu vilayadu, I mean if that is your kind of romance, who am I to question it), can't you get a baby sitter? Yes, it is money, so is raising the baby. I mean you signed up for raising the baby, didn't you?

As my brother mentioned, it is somewhat understandable when people do this in India. The awareness and understanding is lesser but here you are aware and there are other alternatives why not use them? Who are these parents who in spite of the raging dispute do the same mistake? What makes them do it?

Should I call child services and tell on them next time?


  1. lol, nice logical vent. Good questions too, and ones that I have asked the rare time we do go to the movies.

    Some like babysitters, and some just give it up for later, like we did. Frankly, it's only in the desi movie places that we see complete disregard for what a child is exposed to.

  2. Yes, that's right, it is only in desi movies.

    I know the rant was pointless but to see a 3 month old baby in a theatre was quite shocking:)

  3. Dropped into your blog by hopping. It always psyches me out why kids need to be taken for the kind of movies churned out in India. Violence is one thing, the not so suttle exposure to adult matters is another. We were in the Bond movie recently and we have all type of kids under 5, under 10 with there parents. Night shows, more the merrier. What do these guys expect there kids to grow up into. Possibly increased testosterone activity at an earlier age.

  4. In india, my guess is that there isn't much thought that goes into it. They assume probably kids wouldn't remember? It totally depends on the strata you belong to.

    But here in USA, things with child care are taken quite seriously!

    Anyway, what can we do, apart from merely write about it.