Friday, December 12, 2008

Pongalo Pongal

Bush... Came the sound and I rushed to the Kitchen. Milk had spilled again for the nth time. Actually, every single time I was told to look after the boiling milk.

Mom would be back from wherever she was soon and then... ?

I called EB2(Elder brother 2) and appraised him of the situation. He understood the gravity of the situation and also understood that the situation is only natural.

Tell me, who could wait for what seems to be two big bang cycles in front of the stove, waiting for the milk to form froth, then for the froth to reach the brim of vessel and turn off the stove at that exact moment.

Hello, You lost me at the waiting part. But Mom depending on the thousand parameters one of which also includes how me, her only daughter,the laziest samarthyam less bum, is going to survive in the world, that seem to dictate her mood will definitely not get it.

So Ann2 asked, how much money do you have?
I replied," Two Rupees".
Ann2," I have five, I will go buy the milk".

But now the question of the kadankaran/Palakaran having the requiste milk arose since this was the pre-arogya and pre-madras days of our life. Luckily,he did.

I poured the milk into the vessel, turned the stove on. Two minutes later, Mom entered the house. " Eppo than katcharaya?". With all the sweat of being outside in the sun and god knows what queues she had to encounter depending on the place, she said, " Seri, enime naa pathukren, poo".

I ran off from the Kitchen with nary a concern for the mom or the spilled milk just with the satisfication of a sucessful coup pulled off.


  1. What fun post, loved it! You must have been a naughty little girl.

  2. :) The Naughty title applied only to my brother. Please see above who came up with a suggestion.

  3. Loved this post!How lucky to have a brother to share the situation with and come up with a quick solution!I can relate to the fear of mom's comment! Only that I was the single daughter!

  4. Hi Anamika!
    Welcome and thanks.
    Ironically,growing up, I badly wanted to be an only child.:)