Friday, January 2, 2009

Itter twitter -1

If the title doesn't make sense, don't worry it wasn't suppose too. What's in a title anyway.

Please note that now this blog has a half-complete blog roll. I took off rather blogger took off my blogroll when I switched templates. Then I procrastinated for few months. Blogrolldotcom was procrastinating for couple of months(it still is) and finally I figured blogger has started providing blogroll along with last updated option. So now I have a half-complete blog-roll. I think I have another 25 more blogs to go easily.

Coming to the actual post, Bachna ae Haseena was watched couple of weeks ago. Indian goverment should declare an emergency exile of the following families, the Nehru lineage family with the Gandhi surname and the Kapoor family that has been harrasing the Hindi cinemas for so long. Except for the first generation of Kapoors, every other kapoor entered the industry only due to their melanin deprived skin colours.

I think for the price I pay, I deserve good performance along with melanin deprived skin. Please note just like the rest of Indian Junta, I suffer from the melanin deprivation craze as well. But I like to see some expressions for the money I pay.

Regarding the movie itself, it was a combination of Hindi-zed Autograph(add three dances, two switzerlands and the rest of the paraphenia) and some sort of 80-ish Hero seeking redemption drama. When I say combination, the first half was Hindi Autograph and second of the 80-ish Hindi drama. Almost a cut and paste which kind of created a problem as I felt ill at ease with the shift. Also annoyed as Ranbir Kapoor in second half appeared as this traditional heroic man solving world problems actually just a few problems, but the whole thing looked regressive to me. As if people can't solve their problems and this person who stops by your place for five days solves it for you. Let me tell you only Visu can do it. Not ranbir Kapoor. He should stick to the towel.

Deepika padukone, looks good, is confident but being cold faced will only work for modelling word. When there are other new comers who look pretty as well act like Anushka sharma, why go for Deepika?


  1. I still can't get used to the face! Neck and below is all good, but the face!

    Hope your 2009 is a happy one!

  2. Amrita, Deepika's face? I think that face is pretty, if its abt Ranbir, please join me in recommending a ban.
    appy new year to you too:)

  3. LOL on only Visu can do it!You mean Visu of Samsaram Athu Minsaram, right?

  4. yes, yes the same one. during the climax, the man will stand in the middle pass judgements every one around him, that guy:)