Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rab bhi pyaar karna chod dhenge ji

"Har ek ladki yehi chahati hei.." Why do these Hindi film heroines act as if they are the spokesperson for the whole woman kind? Who are these women who have all these notion of romance, anyway? Pyar, Pyar, rab, rab, now rab bhi pyaar karna chod dhenge, so please leave him out of this.

The movie is quite enjoyable for the first hour and half or so. After a long time, Shahrukh or a Hindi film character endeared me. It wasn't just Suri, even Raj with his innocence endeared me. The trailers showed an ever efferverscent Shahrukh in a stiff act. And I told myself why contain this highly energetic actor into this checkered shirt stiff Hero. But Shahrukh did manage to pull it off. I think I like a bit of vulnerability in a role and Shahrukh khan till date acted pretty much as the over condifent arrogant Rahul/Raj making it almost impossible to like him. Suri is dressed exactly like how some Punjabi guys dress. Yes that over the top. But both these roles love Taani so unconditionally, it touched a nerve.

And a Hindi film heroine who actually acts. How cool is that? When I read that Aditya chopra is auditioning young 20 somethings, I thought to myself, here goes another 40-something hero in search of younger heroine. When Anushka Sharma's photo was published first, I thought, oh hell, that 'all purpose dough-ish' Punjabi face. You know the typical Sonia Agarwalish face, where you can't claim anything wrong with it, but it doesn't do anything to anybody. Dance pe Chance trailer changed the conception. The confidence with which she held herself in front of shahrukh made me sit up and notice her. As D-square said, " the role had everything, naughty, full of energy and sad, mature. She had to dance, be funny - an ideal role for a new comer". What is more ideal is, she could do it all with an elan and sensibility. Hope she stays and does well.

And the much talked about mask that is so not a mask, didn't seem to matter inside the theater. I came across a review which asked why are people so obsessed with no diffference between Raj and Suri and what happens to plain old suspension of disbelief. I thought to myself, now, there is a person who is a 70s child, where a moustache is all it took to differentiate two individuals which is why they could easily get suspension of disbelief. And isn't suspension of disbelief a director, not the viewer's responsibility. I don't know if it was director or the theater but I seem to not notice Raj isn't that unrecognizable. The screen play had so many things going for it that I seemed more immersed in it. Also the fact, 100s of people had already written about it and in the process, kind of prepared me for it. Suri/Raj hardly made a difference to me.

But more than anything else, the movie had me wondering at the characters, their emotions, their decisions. Suri with his Yellow hot pack. Except for the last hour which pretty much ruined it.

D-square, an easy sell for hindi cinema asked, " What can one do in Taani's situation?". I pointed out to her the movie isn't realistic. Ok, what do you think would have happened in real life to Taani?"

A Mouna Raagam, perhaps.


  1. HAHAHAH @ 'all purpose dough-ish' Punjabi face! Finally I understand why so many people kept asking me if I was Punjabi growing up. :(

  2. :) no way, something tells me that is not true any more.