Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What I heard and saw

Overheard at company break room.
RP1: I have stopped reading blogs, man.
RP2: Yeah.
RP1: The problem with blogs is anybody can write them.
RP2: There are so many of them.
RP1: They are all crap.

What I saw ...
At first they were resting quarter of a mile apart. The lion looked like a cuddle worthy teddy bear. The lioness like an unamused cat. With the monstrosity well hidden by the glass enclosure, we were reminded of it only when the announcer proceeded to describe the weight of the teddy bear and cat in tons.

The lion proceeded to eat a fish from the trainer. After few minutes of resting, the lioness suddenly got up, moved few inches closer to the king and went into a slumber again. These creatures apparently sleep for 18hrs everyday. The King got up presumably to play. It went near the lionness what I thought to ask her to wake up. It smelled the stomach exactly for less than half a second and then right in the middle of the glass enclosure, with few hundred people as an audience, did its job that the god had made him for in exactly half a minute and went back to the slumber.

There is a reason why we humans call the act so.

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