Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mr. Miliband visits India

David Miliband , British Foreign secretary, during his visit to India put his foot in his mouth by linking Mumbai terror to Kashmir Dispute. He has apparently said resolving Kashmir issue would help the terror issue and would further help Pakistan concentrate on the western borders. Western borders would mean Al-qaeda. One is almost tempted to suggest so would Taliban-ising Afghanistan and Pakistan. It would definitely help solve the Al-qaeda terror problem. Whatever.

As far as I know, the mumbai terrorists focused on British, US nationals and the Jewish center. I don't think one has to go beyond that to disprove the Kashmir link. Wow, you have to explain the British, the terrorist indeed are angry with them as much as they are with india.

This could have also happened because Mr. Miliband's notes might have been old and from the times when the whole western world, in its quest to stop India from becoming a powerful state in the region, whole heartedly supported Pakistan and Kashmir. He forgot to update his notes post september 11.

In his blog, he also notes the "scale and depth of Indian anguish over Mumbai attacks". Seriously? A bunch of goons will walk over our commercial capital and shoot people as they see and you are surprised over our anguish?

I was quite agitated after reading all these posts on Miliband's comments. But the anger melted down after reading the articles in Telegraph and Independent where they literally tore apart the disaster titled Miliband's India visit.

Note to self: Stop reading BBC and start reading other newspapers from UK. I suspect they will be less imperialistic.

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