Friday, June 11, 2010

Cusp Generation

My dad started working at 20, he supported his parents, younger brothers, sometimes the elder brother's family as well  and his kids.

My mom was married off at 22, entered a joint family and cooked for 15-20 years also raising three kids without much of a help from others.

Today, my dad is self sufficient and doesnt expect anything from us financially.
My mom had to listen to Grand Ma those days and now to her kids who are quick to shrug off any semblance of old world hierarchial thoughts that might creep in.

A generation that supported its parents but doesnt expect anything from its spawn.
A generation that listened to its previous and is asked to listen to the next as well.


  1. Very interesting, true observation!

    Unrelated to the post but thought that you might enjoy the link :)

    BTW, the post was totally true :) But isn't every generation a cusp generation....

  3. SK: :)
    Kaushik: Why, why wud you do a google search like that? the only way they create employment is the people who are employed in the offices to implement these schemes not the scheme itself.

    and what happened to the blog? winter is over enough with hibernation.

  4. The gist is, we are blessed Sachitha. My parents are definitely older than yours , equivalent to almost a different generation and they did/are doing the same.
    As K said, every generation is a cusp generation.We might show our affection and responsibility in a different manner, but the thoughts will be the same.

  5. I did not do the search. It was on as a link, quite aptly named as Myth Making Machine!!!

    There are a lots of stuff I want to write about, but I am just not getting the inspiration to sit and write :p

  6. Shoba: yes, we are:) it is but dont you think the last twenty years has seen a usual than larger bump?

    Kaushik: that site is too one sided. :)

    Anon ?