Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Raavan and Raavanan

* I dread heading to this movie - what? are your eyebrows raising up to form a question mark? Surely your eyes werent there when I watched hum dil de chuke sanam getting trautimised by Ash's scream feast. Look below and remember it is at a  theatre hall.

* No longer believe Vikram is going to be better than Abhi. If Vikram was good in the first look, Abhi does so much better in this madcap scene @1.20. Vikram fits the traditional mould of an Hero who can act - a man who looks he cant miss a beat, abhi is always more human. This comparison exercise should be fun.

* What is more fun? the adventurous locations - but has visuals ever been a problem in Mani movie?
* Success of the film doesnt matter to me much but for Mani to end this decade on a high note, movie needs to better than Kannathil muthamittal or Iruvar. Unfortuantely, Guru or Yuva are really at the bottom of this comparison chart.

*Regarding the success itself, I doubt the punjabi dance loving thu thak thu thak crowd deserve a director like Mani. Call me sour grapes. 

I have already constructed the movie through trailer, if you are not the one to think this small guessing game will spoil your fun scroll down.

here is the one of the early songs - most likely just before the kidnap. Graceful is the word here.

Raavan's introduction scene is exactly what we saw first, I think.

And here is the Surpanakhi,(love that whole rajasthani female singer bit - i know it is the nth time they do that but hey..). But at the end of this song is where something bad happens!

So, hello, the reverse of stockholm syndrome - The kidnapper falling in love with kidnapee? Between love this song.

Both these songs seems to be along similar lines, but i think this is more of Ash's pining for Vikram and so

Forgot this one. Dont really know where to fit this in.

But it is Mani, right? so I am 100% wrong:)


  1. Man! I want to see the movie now!!!!
    To see your true your story is ;--)))

  2. Thanks to the Karnataka and Kerala protesting other language films, I won't get to watch the Tamil version, only Hindi.

    I dont have much opinion on this film. I would be happy if it as good as Dalapathi. Not Iruvar or KM :)

    Prithvi will steal the show me thinks.

  3. SK: the story is about the kidnapping, it is only the song placement i was playing around with. but YOU have to see the movie:)
    Praveen: Hindi is not other language?
    Prithvi was the least impressive, i felt.

  4. I always wait eagerly for every MR movie. This is no exception,though I think it is a bit over-hyped.

  5. Shoba: there is no hype this time around which is why i think it will end up flooping in india

  6. I also love AB so much more than Vikram. Am looking forward to reading your review on this one.

  7. aiyoo... abhi is supposed to have done badly pola. :)