Wednesday, June 9, 2010

On the Throne

** We are walking, talking. I open the door, you follow on. There is the usual 'check your face on the mirror in an atrocious lighting'  that we get done with. We are still talking. Now listen to me carefully, here in this next step, as we open the latch to the respective rest room stalls is where we stop talking. As much as they say perched on the throne, we all know what we do there, so lets not cross the boundaries and continue talking as if we are sitting in a conference room. respect.
** Cellphone, seriously, does the other person know? I suspect not. Wait till the video calling becomes more popular.
** And as the most famous blogger dooce once said, " A woman who instantly becomes quiet when I enter the bathroom and take the stall next to hers.....Please, just pee".

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