Friday, September 25, 2009

About movies coming to a theatre near you

Spooky is the word that comes to my mind. To see Kareena Kapoor's expressions on Tamanna, her costumes, Shahid's Dialogue uttered by Bharath - seriously 'original piece' in tamil? get the madras tamil equivalent, please. And even the locations! 'E adichaan copy' is the ideal description. I know its an official remake. But I think the movie deserves to be internalized more. It can be done and will be such fun.

Sigh! I think of all the other times people throw words like copy casually like nayagan is a copy of godfather(inspiration would be a better choice), ET for Anjali and so on. Inspiration is fine when done well. I couldnt get Rashomon very well what with language and so on but loved Virumandi.

Hindi Cinema cant seem to make the distinction between Childish people and young people confused about their life Paths. Why else would Hrithik and Ranbir act all Juevinile. Hrithik looked like he was suffering with cognitive disabilities(I am PC, got it?). I think its unfair not just on viewers.

And Konkana is overrated. She acts well but considering she is portrayed in the space of Smita Patel(who I love), Tabu(Who I love again) and Shabana she is a letdown. She comes with similar expressions and I think that aspect isnt going to change. With Tabu, you would never feel it is the same, you will be too busy empathizing with the character. Just registering my lone voice of dissent.

I liked her in Mr and Mrs Iyer and that was that.

And seriously, one more south bombay boy confused about what he wants to do, I am not too amused. He has to be shipped out pronto with just a 1000$ in pocket without a return ticket at 20. He will learn.

Ranbir is cute.


  1. Bharath didn't even deliver those lines well! And how many Theni gals go around purring, "Naan Theni kaara ponnu" (it is there simply bcoz Kareena mouthed Mein Bathinda ki sikri hoon!)

    And I wonder why they have to travel from Chennai to Theni! Why not Mumbai to Theni...just my thought... :D

    And during the audio release, Imtiaz Ali complimented director Kannan saying he has corrected his mistakes from Jab We Met in the remake!

  2. Praveen: Did you see the follow up to that - cheran admiring the honesty - seri comedy!

    Yeah Mumbai to Theni - distance would have made it more app.

  3. This is reaction to the trailer right? I had the same thoughts. In fact it made me wonder. Some dialogs from A Wednesday found their literal translation in Unnaipol Oruvan. That did not make me cringe. But this one did. So I wonder what's the reason:

    1. Actors delivering the dialog

    2. One is serious stuff and the other is mush/bubbly stuff.

    3. I have a feeling 1. and 2. are related but not sure which one implies which one!

  4. I have nothing to add...except
    1. Did not understand all the hype about Jab we had the usual stuff in it; it was just the standard Yash Chopra movie with less histrionoics ...the diro's other movie, Socha na tha was much better....
    2. Have to disagree with Konkona remarks. One of the few actors that I find tolerable these-days is her..

  5. Cheran admiring and Imtiaz saluting him! saw saw :)

  6. GW:
    It depends on how rooted a dialogue is, isnt it? dont think it depends on the mush/political content. If Wednesday had a reference to a GODMAN which works in the lieu it is set in but would never work for madras and so on.

    Rgding the actors, I would have normally dismissed it off, but with UPO, I am not surprised, Mohanlal I heard has done an awesome job.

    "standard Yash Chopra movie with less histrionoics ..." - that is the big relief with Imitaz. He reminds me that it isnt the emotion I hate but just the silly portrayal.

    and rdging #2, I suspected I am alone in this opinion.

  7. cheran admiring, imtiaz ali saluting? err what are we talking about ?

  8. oh audio release ah? adhulan vera pakarengala? ok ok!