Tuesday, September 22, 2009


When people hated Kamal's work based on the fact that he was divorced, had a live-in relationship and was married twice, it was easy for me to say that was his personal life . No point in judging his professional work based on that. Years later, the same went for Aamir Khan as well.

But these days when I come across a name like Roman Polansky, I feel uneasy. I dont want to watch his works based on what I hear about his personal life, however great a filmmaker he is. Same goes for Woody Allen.

It appears to me that all along I might have always let personal life facts influence the professional work and in case of Kamal and Aamir, I didnt judge their choices. But with offense as severe as Roman Polansky's (one I hate the most), I cant bring myself to watch his movies.

The childhood idealism of evaluating a work just based on the work alone still makes sense. in theory At the same time, the hatred for a person, especially for some one like this guy, makes me feel it is almost criminal to even acknowledge his existence in any good way.

What are your thoughts?


  1. I haven't seen any of his films...but I don't know, and never cared to know about the private lives of these celebrities...I would not hesitate to watch his movies...

    Regarding your argument, divorce, live-in, second marriage etc are not crimes, are they...It is a personal choice of how they want to maintain a relationship...

    This guy is a criminal; so I guess you were comparing oranges to apples...

  2. ditto as kaushik.
    I loved Knife in the Water when I watched it ages ago. It wanted to watch his other films and googled him and needless to say felt the same as you. But then that didnt stop me from watching his films.

  3. In the case of Kamal, Aamir, yes, I don't care about their personal life, they are very talented and I would still watch them.

    In the case of Roman Polanski, I think he is a criminal. But tell me he must be locked up instead of being allowed to make any films any more, I am all for it. But if asked not to appreciate his earlier works, I don't agree.

    Kamal and Aamir don't fall in the same league do they? They are not criminals. And wouldn't Woody Allen fall in their league too?

  4. Kaushik & GW: ppls, my last name is kichu not gandhi, suffice to say, i didnt make a comparison. shud have prob. worded the post diff.

    GW: Woody allen is creepy, marrying your partner of 20year's kid, is creepy period

  5. Praveen: I am sure he(Roman Polansky) is good. I have watched just few woody allen movies and liked what i saw.

    but i cant get myself to pick a dvd of their movies any more. dont feel like it.

  6. so would you read Shantaram?

    or does it depend on the creepiness of the crime?


  7. Kaushik:it isnt the crime, the creepy act that puts me off. Shantaram is on my list to read.

  8. You HAVE to read Shantaram. It would be the best follow up to Maximum City :)

  9. GW: sigh!
    Praveen: Thanks for the link, it is just absurd the justification people provide to let him go free.