Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sarcasm becomes the savior

A spoof alteast is one good aspect of a bad product, some say. But it isnt just that, isnt it? To watch a spoof of a horrible movie, to see exactly all the points that made me cringe , made fun of provides me an immense relief. Almost a revenge for taking you on a ride. Thank god for some one else's sense of humor.

When I flipped the last page of Chetan Bhagat's Five point some one, a single word came to my mind a- Masala. I always have a sense of disbelief when a book/movie lets me down this badly, was that really true? can some one really take me for a ride this way? I mean,did i miss something or was that book/movie just that. Couple of years later, therapy came in the way of this link. Dont miss lol with this link if you havent read it earlier. IMHO, it would have been wiser on our part if we had some how passed the 2$s on this blog than Mr. Bhagat. Atleast you get a few laughs.

Look, I have always cribbed about how indian writing tends to be monotonous. It is almost as if there is unwritten rule that Indian authors should have a Pathos theme. Some light reading would do us good. I understand Chetan Bhagat comes in that space but I just hope it wasnt this cliched plot stitched together so hurriedly that it didnt provide any joy at all.

And when I read blogeswari's comment section for her Kandasamy review, I realized this feeling of relief through sarcasm isnt just mine. Some of the anon commentators over there sound like they have specifically logged in to read others thoughts and get an outlet to pour out their frustrations. See, what I mean?

** wee bit of digression, for once I didnt get conned by the tamil mega release wave. Unlike my last loosuthanam, I didnt catch Kanthasamy. In the process saved 16$, some headache. As an aside, a friend of mine who doesnt watch tamil cinema much decided to catch this specific movie - fate, isnt it?***

The last on this link list isnt a book or a movie, it is an annoying act. But it resulted in this honest rambling. One video that gave me relief from all the annoying acts of the jobless politicians with a notion of protecting our culture. This was apparently shot in the sets of Virumandi.

** a bit of background, Virumandi was initially called Sandiyaar, some political leader opposed as it was a caste name. These same politicians have been annoying the hell out of actors for one reason or the other. Cinema is one of most popular mediums in India esp. more so in Tamil nadu and the politicians get a free publicity by raising useless issues. ***

I know quite a few of you would be put off by Kamal's language here. But if you ignore that , he makes a lot of sense. Culture is indeed an evolving phenomena and people will be surprised if they knew the history of several elements that is considered sacred. The drunken speech is still funny. Atleast some one is mad in a sane sense!


  1. Hmm, same question as Praveen.

    But still it is a super awesome video for Kamal fanboys (me included).

    Didn't you think Five Point Someone was more bearable than One Night? The third book is still lying around at home, along with Dan Brown's latest. I have similar thoughts about both the authors so I am not sure when I'll be motivated enough to pick them up.

    About Indian authors, I suggest you read Amitav Ghosh. Quite brilliant writing.

  2. @ Gradwolf: Good find. Thanks for sharing. I watched it on TV a few years and ago and wanted to watch again, but couldn't find it at all.

  3. Praveen:
    Ofcourse not:) but the video is one of my fav. precisely for the reason stated earlier.
    not a fangirl, but i love it nevertheless. Why would one go for chetan's books after FPS? So, no onenight@callcenter for me. I liked da vinci code for the regular book it was but if you have read one dan brown you have read them all. But I can understand you placing Dan brown in the same league as Chetan..

    thanks for the video link, have never seen it before and will take KAmal in a drunken state than these people in their supposedly sane states.

  4. Hahah Kamal's video is splitting. :--)

  5. SK: dont know about the lion that is sleeping inside him, but this side is so much fun:) I watch it whenever others frustrate me in general.

  6. Praveen: purila, not sure what was it about the link that you wanted to mention?