Thursday, October 1, 2009

Judge me but these are the songs I grew up with

Just a trip down the memory lane.

I used to regularly take an oc ride in couple of friend's cars. A school friend L, first introduced me to MLTR during those rides. When I would complain I dont get the lyrics, she would make me listen closely miming along! We listened to all their songs. Just putting up two. A college friend and I wanted to go to their concert in bangalore. Even then I knew their popularity was restricted only to asia. But most of my friends and I owned a copy of their songs, mixed or otherwise.

I heard the cotton eye joe as cornado for whatever reason.

This world has lost its glory, lets make a brand new story..

Only time

Oh, there was 'I am a Barbie girl', Backstreet boys and Britney spears - but we shall not talk about them, ok? ok.


  1. I used to luvvv MLTR. :--) Should listen to them again to see if I like them now.

  2. you sound to be my little sis's generation... she loved MLTR

  3. SK:
    I cant not like them and that is only coz of the nostlagia.
    yeah it was a wave. MLTR was adored only in India, singapore and so on:)