Thursday, October 8, 2009

Moments from Movies

Initially, it appeared just a don story shot in a slightly quirkier and raw sense. It was much better than the other Rajat Kapoor movie "mixed doubles" which seemed like a stage drama. But five minutes post interval, the realization of what was happening struck me, such a wonderful addition to the don drama. The predicament in the original don drama itself is a fascinating one. This just pushed the envelope.

Vaaranam Aayiram
I know, i know, it wasnt a perfect movie. A movie doesnt become great because it takes it covers someone's life time. Nor does it have to be perfect but this one had way too many annoying things.

But there was a poetic moment. As Surya stands outside the hospital room where love of his life lies dead, the girl's father comes crying. Just couple of days before, Sameera tells him how she is going to introduce him to her father, how she is going to tell her father that she has found some one who loves her.... And here is the man, the daughter in the room. Sameera's father never gets to know.

Such irony isnt unusual but it still was taken well enough that I fell for it.

Pirivom Santhipom
For a movie where nothing dramatic happens and thing that they show as drama in the climax is quite laughable this movie was quite engaging. May be because I was getting to see families from a different part of tamilnadu and looked pretty realistic as well. (realism is even more fascinating than simpler, little less dimensional dramas that human minds conjure up).

But the movie worked for me. Especially scene where Jayaram stole the show. Jayaram, a doctor and his family are in Cheran and Sneha, a newly wed's house for lunch. As the conversation proceeds, Jayaram asks her what she does in spare time. She gives him a tape that she listens to.
It has all sorts of odd sounds from a cooker's whistle to a sound of seasoning during cooking to some birds chirping and thats what she listens to all day. Jayaram's expression in that one moment as he twists his mouth is all that was needed to reflect our thoughts. That moment just made me realize that other language actors will use all sorts of prosthetics, bulk up their body and shave their head off but all a malayalam movie actor need is their face without any extra prop. Their expressions will take care of the rest.


  1. I've watched all the three. Loved Mithya. Here are my thoughts on Vaarnam Aayiram.
    That's a very good observation on Jayaram. I remember on one of the TV shows, the host commented on it and Jayaram said, I believe in underplaying.

  2. Mithya was the most brilliant movie last year but cruelly ignored at the awards etc. And I am one of those few souls that liked Vaaranam Aayiram. And that thing about Malayalam actors is true, I think, because they play simple characters in simple stories. And that's a good thing.

  3. I liked Vaaranam Aayiram a lot. My fav scene was of course the train romance. :--D
    I dont even remember how the scene mentioned went. Hmm have to watch the movie again.

  4. Praveen: Who havent you met?
    my thoughts why I didnt like here, "":) I just remembered the annoying aspect forgot what exactly was I annoyed about.
    It doesnt even some about underplaying, they are just playing the part, no.

    GW: "Mithya was the most brilliant movie" - high praise, me thinks. but i dont rem. the rest of the movies. It looks I am alone in not liking the movie.

    SK; Of all the people who liked the train romance, I can only understand yours:). I am not a big fan of love at first sight(yours isnt one anyway:)). What witl all the eve teasing and other harassment we undergo, I am not a big fan of random guys approaching random gals and expressing love!