Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Friends film

How many of you are ready to watch the six of them once more on the screen? most probably, a botoxed, chemical peeled and god know, what other chemical/electrical anti-aging done faces which would still appear aged beyond their years.

I sheepishly agree, I want to. Infact, salivate at the thought.

We have already seen such chemical peeled..... faces for 6 seasons on SATC and a movie as well.
So, why not the friend's cast?

Just once more, for old time's sake.

Chandler and Monica would have to sell their house and move back due to the real estate crash. Ross and Rachel continue stay in the next building. Joey ofcourse in the good old apartment.


  1. hehehe, Jennifer Aniston still looks good, 40 and all that. Courtnery Cox looked good in the 8th season of Scrubs. So I don't think chemical peeled faces to the level of SATC would be visible here.

  2. would be fun i suppose more so than SATC since i never really watched that one as much as friends.

  3. GW:
    Somebody thought they spotted a missing skeleton from their school in the movie break up, turns out it was Jennifer Anniston.:) but ... as some one who likes abhishek bachchan i can totally understand the hormonal persp. I thot they showed the signs age even as the show progressed.

    UL: u bet. SATC was all hoopla atleast the movie.