Sunday, October 11, 2009

Books did runaway

One of the dreams during childhood was the image of a studio apartment* filled with music CDs, the state of the art music system and books . Except for the studio apartment nothing else got fulfilled. CDs became outdated with ipods. I remember the day the State of the art music system plan was dropped. We had all happily installed the onkyo receiver and the bose speakers after much thought and planning in a friend's place. As we all sat down to watch Lord of the rings, there was knock from the downstairs neighbour. He asked politely, "Sir, do you have this huge wattage sound system?". "Yes", replied my friend with a sense of pride and a bit of surprise as well. "Could you please turn it down?, it as if some one is hitting few hammers on my head", he requested. So that went off. Regarding books...

From my teenage years, the end of a exam series has been marked by a rush trip to the nearby library. I got so used to this that after a particularly gruelling mid-sem project and exam session during grad school, I rushed to the library and shut myself off from the rest of the world even though the school was very much in session. I was so tuned to the ritual. At home, I have tried sneaking in a book during academic year, but it was a pain when Parents constantly made me close the books/sometimes cruelly made me return it saying the books arent going to run anywhere while the exams are right here. You have all the time once the school was over to read books, they would add. Liars, they were. I will tell you why.

I graduated sometime back and have been working for some time now. No, now it isnt the parents who prevent me from reading. Infact, there is nothing that prevents me... or may be there is? something called Life? Weekdays with work and general life, it is tough to read anything other than books. Weekends are the only time to go out so cant read them. So how do others read? I am not one of those who can read a book before going to sleep and finish it over a week. Infact, I cant read piece-wise. Tried that couple of times, so Heathcliff and doestevesky's character are all waiting their respective fates in my head esp. Heathcliff of wuthering heights has been waiting for a year and a half. To me, reading a book means entering that world and I cant juggle between the reel and real. May be it is the time spent on blogs. May be it is the lack of real vacations which are just used up for the much needed trip to home. Infact the few I have read over the years has mostly been in the flights. Suspended in the air without internet access and only with few horrible movies for company seems to provide the right setting!

See, what I mean. Liars. Books have runaway for all practical purposes.

* I know that was all I dreamed of - a studio living space!


  1. One of the dreams during childhood was the image of a studio apartment* filled with music CDs, the state of the art music system and books

    My dream too, but not since childhood. Maybe since 3rd or 4th year in college.

    I read just before bed almost every night for an hour or so, and for the more interesting books, I lock myself up in my room on weekends, reading at a furious pace. I think, it is just a matter of getting used too, and you must try reading for an hour everyday, even if you think it does not suit your style of reading. After all, there are many other compromises that you would have surely made...

  2. lock myself in room - works fine. but that is the only time i get to go out.

    try reading for an hour, takes away the fun but there isnt any other alter.

  3. it is all a matter of priorities is it not? i think if we make it a point to prioritize books first, we would find time - but for me other things have priorities at the moment, i love reading btw, but it has been ages since i got caught up in a book that much...

  4. Mine ran away too Sachita. Used to love reading but now my attention span has gotten lesser. I have been thinking a lot about it, so hoping to pick up the habit one of these days.

  5. UL, Suman,
    should catch up just coz it was an acitvity that is so much of fun.